"Corrections officer Bruce. I'LL take it from here!"
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Head Guard of Ultraprison
First Appearance Ladies Night
Voiced By Melissa Brown (Ladies' Night), Chris McCulloch or Stephen Warbrick (Stingstress)

Bruce is the head guard at Ultraprison and part of the Mistress' staff. He is the opposite counterpart to Alice, and is thus also transgender (FtM).



Bruce has black hair, swept back into a sort of pompadour, and he has a stocky, slightly overweight body type. He wears a brown guard uniform. His height is shown to vary in his first appearance, where he seems to be shorter than both The Mistress and Alice, while other artists depict him somewhat taller.He has long eyelashes and prominent lips.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Bruce seems to be somewhat arrogant, insistent on proving himself as right and superior. He is also quite brutal, though he is able to get inmates to instantly obey and follow after him with his whistle (while Alice seemed to have a rough time dealing with the Ultraprison women).

Character HistoryEdit


The MistressEdit

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In their first meeting, Bruce seemed to like showing off in front of Alice and annoying her with his attempts to one-up her. He was shown to be laughing when she wound up attacked by a few and had to fight them off.

At the ball, the two blamed each other for their inmates going out of control, but wound up bit by Spanish flies and started to make out with each other.

When the Mistress took over Superjail, Bruce insisted that Alice would serve as another guard with him. But the two continued to be at violent odds with each other, with him objecting to Alice's flirting with inmates.

Quotes by CreatorsEdit


  • Melissa Brown had initially voiced Alice in the Bunny Love pilot before Nick Weidenfeld suggested the character be recast. Perhaps as an injoke, she was chosen to voice Bruce later on.
  • As Brown was unavailable and/or retired for Bruce's appearance in season 3, the character was recast. Due to both Stephen Warbrick and Chris McCulloch voicing multiple roles, it is currently unclear which of them performs the part of Bruce.
  • On the Superjail! season 1 DVD cover and poster, a rougher design of Bruce shows him to have buck teeth similar to Alice's.

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