"Hey Janice, they forgot to clean up the meat delivery again!"
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Lunch Lady
First Appearance Bunny Love
Voiced By Unknown (either Stephen Warbrick or Chris McCulloch)

Cookie is one of the lesser Superjail staff members and a minor character, serving as one of the lunch-ladies in the cafeteria.



Cookie is a heavyset black woman, and she wears the standard flowered dress and apron that the rest of the cafeteria workers can be seen in. Her eyes are obscured by a thick pair of glasses.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Like Janice, Cookie is crude, sarcastic, and somewhat sadistic. She will use whatever she can in the cafeteria dishes, whether they're body parts from inmates, or any undesirable spare parts from animals (ie: lips and anuses).

Character HistoryEdit

First appearing in the Bunny Love pilot as a lunch lady, she is not seen very often afterwards in the series until the season 3 episode "Nightshift".

Not much is known about her, though she shares the same sadistic nature as the rest of the cafeteria staff in how they cook.



Main article: Janice

Janice and Cookie seemed to be the two head lunch-ladies in the pilot, and came up with the idea to mutilate the inmates to get more meat.


Main article: Alice

Cookie became jealous and angry that Alice attempted to take over for the cafeteria, and sabotaged the truffle soup by sticking her soiled underwear into it.

She looks down on Alice due to her "lesser" position of being a guard.

Image GalleryEdit

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