Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Robot
First Appearance Bunny Love

Jailbot is the robot created by The Warden as the protector of him and his Superjail. He is counted among the important staff members.



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Character HistoryEdit

The Warden thought of Jailbot's design and purpose as a young child and created him out of LEGOs, as shown in Time-Police Part 2. Here he refers to Jailbot as a, "... little flying man ... [who will] watch over [Superjail]."

As shown in Jailbot 2.0 (episode), a number of prototypes with similar designs preceded him but were discarded, showing Jailbot to be the most superior (even in comparison to Jailbot 2.0, who was initially thought to be better to the momentarily defunct Jailbot). According to The Warden, Jailbot aided in creating Superjail and has always been integral in maintaining it, especially in terms of defense.


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Quotes by CreatorsEdit

  • "Jailbot’s like a red-headed stepchild. The Warden built him but doesn’t show him any love. Its something that is touched on but we’d love to explore more in the future." - Christy Karacas, Newsarama (2008)
  • "He is like the Warden’s gopher. The Warden designed him so he has a few bugs." - Stephen Warbrick, Newsarama (2008)
  • "Jailbot is the loyal but childlike servant. He just wants the proverbial pat on the head and scratch behind the ear." - Stephen Warbrick, Under The Lotus (2008)
  • "Yes he will definitely get a larger role - I feel like we have lots we didn’t have time to do with him that will be funny and destructive." - Christy Karacas, Behind The Hype (2009)


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