Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Cafeteria Worker
First Appearance Bunny Love
Voiced By Unknown

Janice is a minor character in Superjail, seeming to be the head of the lunch ladies in the prison.



Janice is a short, heavy woman always dressed in a flowered dress, stockings, and her apron and kerchief. Like the other lunch ladies (as well as Alice), her eyes are never seen behind her glasses.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She mostly shows up now and then to serve food or can be spotted in the background doing so, although she and the other lunch ladies displayed a sadistic and cannibalistic side in the pilot when they decided to slaughter inmates to get more meat.

Character HistoryEdit

Janice and any other lunch-ladies would seem to be the only other women in Superjail besides Alice, although little is known about her.

Aside from her role in the pilot, she has shown up in cameos, sometimes dying horribly as a result (ie: stabbed by an inmate in Cold-Blooded, choking on her vomit in Gay Wedding, nearly being devoured by Twin 2 in The Budding of the Warbuxx and having her face smashed into the floor, etc. )


Mystery Meat MonsterEdit

She and the other workers were impressed by this monster and started worshipping it as a god, but their enthusiasm was short-lived when it opted to eat a bunch of them.

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