Jean-Baptiste Le Ghei
I'll warm you up.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Inmate
First Appearance Bunny Love
Voiced By Stephen Warbrick



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Main article: Paul Guaye

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  • "The Gays are kind of the most well-rounded characters. They’re a couple, they have direct character contact with each other. Paul is the more feminine, intelligent one. He’s more together. And Jean is the bad boy — doesn’t give a fuck, is more sloppy. Just like any couple, gay or straight, there’s that kind of dynamic. They’re just easy to write for like that. They’re dangerous and they’ll fuck shit up, but they do seem very likable as well." - Christy Karacas, Huffington Post (2012)


  • Jean was not named in the first season and pilot, and was simply known as a "Gay Inmate". His name (as well as Paul's) came from a friend of Christy Karacas' named Jean-Paul.
  • His name is probably a parody of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, from the novel "Perfume".

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