Kamala Sankaram
Role Voice actress
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Gender Female
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Kamala Sankaram is an American voice actress, singer, and composer, formerly affiliated with Antland Productions. She voiced Charise in the first season of Superjail!, along with other female characters. After the hiatus between the first and second seasons, she retired from voice acting to focus on her work in theatre.

She is part of the New York-based ensemble Anti-Social Music, as well as the lead singer and accordionist for the band Squeezebox.



  • La Didone (2009)
  • Triangle (2011) : Mollie
  • The Peripherals (2012) : Phyllis
  • Miranda (2012) : Miranda Wright
  • Murder on Beverly Road (2013)

Voice ActingEdit

  • Golden Age (2006) : Gretel, Bonnie Bon-Bon, Young Girl, Disembodied voice#2
  • Birth (2009) : Amina
  • The Lift (2010) : Girl

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