This page compiles a general listing of minor characters within the Superjail! series. Characters that do not require their own pages may be listed here, or minor characters with their own page may be linked to in the listing. Characters that also fall outside particular subgroups (ie: inmates) may also be linked through here.

Season 1 guestsEdit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Pet Store OwnerBunny Love??? (grunts)Winds up intimidated by Jacknife when he catches him in the act of stealing a rabbit.
FatherBunny Love??? (grunts)A man that was carjacked and killed by Jacknife.
Beer BottleBunny LoveStephen WarbrickA beer bottle that tries to tempt Jared into drinking him.
Vegetable GardenBunny Love???A talking bunch of vegetables. They reappear to some degree in Best Friends Forever, Superjail! Grand Prix, as well as Nightshift.
Lunch Ladies (Janice, Cookie, others)Bunny Love ??? (Janice), ??? (Cookie)A group of sadistic lunch ladies that enjoy utilizing dead inmates in their cooking. Janice is mostly seen in later cameos, although all have a role in Nightshift.
Talking AlcoholSuperbar???Jared hallucinates these alcohol bottles speaking to him when he becomes stressed, and they cheer when he decides to get drunk.
Gingerbread GuardsSuperbarN/AGiant gingerbread men that force the inmates to work on a candy farm. They reappear in a brief cameo in Time-Police Part 2, as well as within Jared's flashback in Jailbot 2.0.
Teenage GirlSuperbarKamala SankaramA girl who develops a crush on Jacknife after he gives her a stuffed toy.
Friend SuperbarKamala SankaramAnother girl attending the sleepover at the end.
Doctor's captiveCombaticusChristopher McCullochA man held hostage by the Doctor and forced to view several unsettling images. Possibly one of the inmates.
Human experimentCombaticusN/AA man with his eyes sewn shut and forced to walk about with a TV screen attached to him. Similar-looking experiments appear in Gay Wedding and Ghosts, as well as one in a brief panning gag in Ladies' Night.
GoreCombaticusChristopher McCullochThe ancient war god of Pummelonia. Was reduced to the form of a scorpion until the inmates' bloodshed resurrected him, but was then promptly re-killed by Jailbot.
Jimmy JazzCombaticus???A jazz singer at the jail. Sings at Fight City, but is also seen in later cameos in Superjail! Grand Prix and Vacation.
Kereeokie night
Specimen 7CombaticusN/AA super strong experiment created by the Doctor, made from the DNA from the Superjail staff members (as well as Jacknife, and the Warden's flying creature).
CombaticusCombaticusRichard Mather (constellation)A clone of the Twins, created as a fighter for the Fight City arena.
AmberDon't Be A NegatonKamala Sankaram or Sally DonovanOne of D.L. Diamond's two groupies.
Unnamed D.L. Diamond groupieDon't Be A NegatonN/AAnother girl that travels with D.L. Diamond. Doesn't speak and isn't named within the episode.
The GalactoidsDon't Be A Negaton???A troupe of space aliens that love to party.
Talking Junk FoodTerrorariumKamala Sankaram (Ice Cream)Jared winds up tempted by these snacks. They reappear in the fight sequence in Time-Police Part 2.
"Cancer"Bunny Love, Mr. Grumpy-Pants (formal debut)Kamala SankaramA young girl accidentally taken to Superjail by Jailbot.
The Warden's Inner ChildMr. Grumpy-Pants???The destructive and monstrous inner child of the Warden, birthed from his body to cause chaos.
The Doctor's assistantsTime-Police Part 1N/AThree scientists that assist the Doctor.
Time Court AliensTime-Police Part 1N/ASeen watching the Warden's trial. Some alien designs are re-used in a cameo in Oedipus Mess.
The Time JudgeTime-Police Part 1, Time-Police Part 2Reggie WattsThe ruler of the Time Court, who deems the Warden guilty over a possible future in which he enslaves the Earth.
The Time PoliceTime-Police Part 1, Time-Police Part 2Reggie Watts (lead singer), Christopher McCulloch (his partner)Singing patrollers who arrest those who are about to commit crimes. They also play in a rock band.
Warden troopersTime-Police Part 1, Time-Police Part 2N/AA group of soldiers that are part of Future Warden's army. They attempt to kill the Twins in the second part of "Time-Police", but wind up dismembered by Combaticus. Versions that are outright identified as robots are seen working at the jail in season 3 episodes (Superfail!, Special Needs, and Oedipus Mess).
The PresidentTime-Police Part 1Christopher McCullochAttempts to attack Future Warden after refusing to sign the agreement to let him take over, but winds up killed.
The Prison MogulTime-Police Part 2Christopher McCullochThe Warden's deceased father, seen within flashbacks in this episode and in later flashback sequences.
GeraldTime-Police Part 2Christopher McCullochThe Prison Mogul's assistant, seen within the flashback. Briefly reappears as a zombie in "Ghosts".
Porn DirectorTime-Police Part 2Christopher McCullochUsed Alice in a series of porn films, and then proceeded to sexually violate the Twins or force them into porn. They don't want to talk about it.
PimpTime-Police Part 2???Jared mistakes him for the Warden, and winds up slapped.
Jared's bossTime-Police Part 2 (animatic only)???Fires Jared when he catches him eating Chubsteaks burgers on the job.
Henry Allen Baby-BlenderTime-Police Part 2 (animatic only)???An inventor imprisoned in the Time Court for reasons he'd rather not talk about.
Talking BulletTime-Police Part 2Christopher McCullochA flying sentient bullet that guides the Warden through the Time Court.
Rude KidTime-Police Part 2Sally DonovanA young boy that winds up mutilated by Jailbot for mocking him and throwing junk at him.
Bird MenTime-Police Part 2???The only residents left at Superjail after the Warden returns.

Season 2 guestsEdit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Lunch LadyMayhem Donor???Informs the staff that they've almost reached "golden brown" on a toaster's function.
Chinese facial graftMayhem DonorKeith Kin YanA piece of a face with a mind of his own. Insults Alice in Chinese. It's implied that he came from an inmate seen missing part of their face in "Special Needs".
Jacknife's fatherLord Stingray Crash Party (flashbacks)??? (grunts)Jacknife's abusive alcoholic father, who sold his toys. Reappears in a cameo in Ghosts.
Stars N Stripes ship commanderLord Stingray Crash PartyChristopher McCullochBerates one of his soldiers for not being up to the task.
Stars N Stripes soldierLord Stingray Crash PartyChristopher McCullochThe meek, nerdy soldier in question.
Stars N Stripes soldier #2Lord Stingray Crash PartyChristopher McCullochInforms the commander that they've located Stingray.
Stars N Stripes sergeantLord Stingray Crash PartyChristopher McCullochOrders his unit to sound off, but is killed by Cook Out's flamethrowers.
PeepersLord Stingray Crash PartySally DonovanThe surveillance expert.
Blow JobLord Stingray Crash PartyStephen WarbrickThe demolition expert of the team.
Cook OutLord Stingray Crash PartyChristopher McCullochFlamethrower expert, accidentally kills his commander.
Rip TideLord Stingray Crash PartyChristopher McCullochThe diving expert.
Black FaceLord Stingray Crash PartyRichard MatherThe camouflage expert.
Mistress KildaLord Stingray Crash PartySally DonovanLord Stingray's wife, as well as the girlfriend of Catastro.
CatastroLord Stingray Crash Party??? (grunts)Lord Stingray's assistant.
Stingray soldiersLord Stingray Crash PartyN/AVarious nondescript soldiers that are part of Lord Stingray's army. Two reappear in Superjail! Grand Prix, and a few are seen as guards to the cells in Stingstress.
HunterHot ChickSally DonovanA shape-shifting alien creature sent to Superjail to retrieve the Twins.
OzzalHot ChickRichard MatherThe Twins' father and Hunter's master.
Jean's fatherGay Wedding???The Warden attempts to reunite him with his son, but learns that Jean was imprisoned for attempting to murder the old man. Denounces Jean to his face.
"Chet" (Quetzalpocatlan)GhostsJohn WatersThe ghost of an ancient ruler that became trapped in Limbo.
Doctor's assistantsGhostsN/AThree assistants that wind up slaughtered by the Doctor's experiments. They may be another group, or the same ones from season 1 with a different artistic depiction.
Strange GodGhosts???A god with six breasts and several heads that denies The Warden and Jared entry into the reincarnation chamber.
Jailbot 2.0Jailbot 2.0N/AThe would-be replacement of Jailbot.
Jailbot prototypesJailbot 2.0N/AA group of robots that were initially used by the Warden, but tossed away into storage.
Mr. ToddlyJailbot 2.0Christopher McCullochAlice's old warden at the Rockland County Maximum Security prison. Fired Alice after he discovered she had a sex change, and after she discovered him with his lover.
TimmyThe Budding of the WarbuxxChristopher McCullochThe protagonist of the "Weed Whacked" film that the inmates are forced to watch.
JimmyThe Budding of the Warbuxx???A greaser that tempts Timmy into smoking weed.
Warbuxx budThe Budding of the WarbuxxN/AAn apparent offspring of some sort that was budded by one of the Twins, but winds up devoured by them.
PotawatomiThe Budding of the Warbuxx???Ash's childhood hero, a parody of Tonto from "The Lone Ranger".
FrancoSuperjail! Grand PrixChristopher McCullochA world-famous Italian racer, brought to Superjail to act as the Warden's ringer for the race.
Angered GodVacation???A Zeus-esque entity who smites the Jail Boat for intruding upon his domain.
Lady WarriorsVacationSally DonovanA group of Amazon and valkyrie-inspired warriors that ride upon flying snake creatures.
Mistress troopersVacation, StingstressN/AAn army of Mistress-themed soldiers in pink armor, that appear similar in design to the Warden ones. They wear "UJ" badges on their hats (for "Ultrajail"). Like the case of the Warden troopers in season 3, it is possible that they may be robots.

Season 3 guestsEdit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Doctor's experimentsSuperfail!N/AVarious creatures that wind up let loose through the jail when the Doctor loses power in his laboratory.
PuppySuperfail!N/AA dobeman puppy seen within the Warden's flashbacks.
VampireSuperfail!???Seen in a brief gag. He attempts to get a taste of blood while crawling through the air vent, but disintegrates and dies before he can get the chance.
The RatUh Oh, It's Magic, Planet RadioDana SnyderA rat that acquires Gary's vocal cords after they're discarded. After his death, the vocal cords wind up back in Peedee.
Little GirlSticky DischargeN/AA young girl given helium balloons by Jailbot, only to wind up carried off by them. Slightly resembles the "Bunny Love" version of Cancer.
Eyecraft WorkersSticky Discharge, Burn Stoolie BurnN/AA group of workers modeled after the band "The Residents" (but in the Warden's colors) that operate the Warden's eyeball-shaped flying machine.
The ArthropiaksThe Trouble with TriplesN/AAn alien species that the Triplets had captured. They're made to battle against the inmates in the climax of the episode.
Guard AliensThe Trouble with TriplesN/AA bunch of black crystalline aliens that guard the Triplets' ship. One reappears in a cameo in Oedipus Mess.
GnomesNightshiftN/ACreatures that force-feed the Warden hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Vegetable MonstersNightshiftN/AThe results of the Twins transforming the talking vegetables with their crystals.
Jacknife's sonOedipus Mess???Jacknife's illegitimate child that he sired with an Ultraprison inmate.
Mall Time-PoliceOedipus MessChristopher McCullochAttempt to arrest the Jacknife clones for disturbing the peace of the mall.
Security OrbOedipus MessN/AEssentially the Time Mall's equivalent to Jailbot. Destroys anything in its path.
Superhell creaturesBurn Stoolie Burn, SuperhellN/AA legion of monstrous creatures that were contained beneath Superjail, but wind up released due to its destruction.

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