Mistress Kilda
Mistress Kilda
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Wife of Lord Stingray, Henchwoman
First Appearance Lord Stingray Crash Party
Voiced By Sally Donovan



Personality and InterestsEdit

Character HistoryEdit


Quotes by CreatorsEdit


  • Mistress Kilda is shown to be shorter than The Warden, while Stingray is a bit taller than him. Catastro is thus the tallest character out of the trio.
  • Kilda is loosely based off the Baroness from GI Joe, following along the theme of Stingray's crew being based off of those serving under the Cobra Commander.
  • A prototype design of Kilda can briefly be seen in a "Behind the scenes" video for season 2, when Joe Jurewicz and Tom Marsan are playing the animatic of Lord Stingray Crash Party and drawing the designs for the layouts for it. Due to the animatic not appearing on the DVD and the scene being so brief, it is hard to make out this design. It would appear that Kilda was to originally resemble the Baroness, with having longer hair and being dressed in a jumpsuit.
  • Kilda originally had more of a role in early script drafts for the episode, but these scenes had to be dropped in the revision stages.

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