"You want me to try to work with this retro unit? Great."
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Robot
First Appearance Ladies' Night
Voiced By Sally Donovan



Although visibly a robot, Nova has been created to have a few humanoid aspects, such as her face and her voice. The more robotic nature of her face is revealed if she malfunctions.

She has side compartments similar to Jailbot's.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Nova appears to be somewhat snobbish, thinking of herself as a superior robot, though she will speak in a collected yet somewhat upbeat voice.

Her personality was shown to change to a wilder, louder one when her systems became corrupted, though she seemed to show some silent embarrassment about it after she came down from her high.

Even though she considers herself to be the highest technology, she can still malfunction (as shown in Oedipus Mess).

Character HistoryEdit


The MistressEdit

Main article: The Mistress

She is loyal to her owner, and will follow whatever orders given.


Main article: Jailbot

Nova considers Jailbot to be an outdated unit, and passive-aggressively insults his incompetence at fixing the Ultraprison ship in her first appearance, along with him being retro technology.

She later gets in his way at the ball and shows off her own improved loudspeakers and music, but winds up malfunctioning when a Spanish fly enters her system, causing her to become aroused and chase after Jailbot. The two are later implied to have had some sort of robotic sex, Jailbot displaying a "Download complete" message and Nova depicted smoking. It appears that he had downloaded a virus from her system.

When Jailbot attempted to interfere at the new "Ultrajail", Nova threatened him with a fight.

Quotes by CreatorsEdit


  • Although Sally Donovan is credited for Nova in her demo reel[1], the role has also been attributed to an Elizabeth Mann (who appears in the "Special Thanks" credits for Ladies' Night)[2]. It's been clarified however, that Donovan has always been the voice of Nova and this could be a mistake.

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