Stars and Stripes Logo as imagined by a user

The Stars N Stripes are a special ops military group based in the archipelago outside the Superjail island.

They are tasked with having to fight against and capture the supervillain Lord Stingray, along with those allied with him.


The Stars N Stripes were shown to be a large group of soldiers, until nearly all of them died in an attempt at taking down Lord Stingray. Much like how he is based on Cobra Commander, they are based on actual members of the G.I. Team

The remaining five members of the team shown were named:

  • Peepers (Surveillance Specialist) {Based on Sneak Peek}
  • Blow Job (Explosives Expert) {Based on Effects}
  • Rip Tide (Underwater Assassin) {Based on Torpedo}
  • Cook Out (Flamethrower Expert) {Based on Blowtorch}
  • Black Face (Undercover Operations) {Based on Mace}

They were shown to be lead by a nameless commander, who was quickly incinerated due to Cook Out's foolish use of his flamethrowers.

However, these remaining members were also killed off in the melee between Stingray's army and the Superjail inmates, with Black Face being mutilated by Mistress Kilda.