Vital statistics
Gender Male
Occupation Inmate
First Appearance Bunny Love
Voiced By Chris McCulloch

The starving inmate, nicknamed Skinny by Alice, is one of the various recurring characters seen in the background at Superjail.



Skinny is gray-skinned and skeletal due to his lack of nourishment, and is often shown to be naked, aside from the time that Alice made him wear a dress for her amusement (which he also wears in a later cameo).

Personality and InterestsEdit

Although he has never had too much of a significant part, he is shown to be weak and willing to do anything for food, and becomes enthusiastic if he is able to have access to it.

He is shown attempting to work out in Superbar, despite his lack of strength. He also appears to be a cannibal due to his insatiable hunger, having been implied to have violently dismembered and feasted on a cellmate in a background gag in Sticky Discharge.

Character HistoryEdit

For whatever reason, Skinny was first shown to be locked up in a solitary confinement room to starve. Alice bullied him by making him dress up and do the "Hustle" dance for her, but he never got his sandwich. At the end of the pilot, Skinny manages to get food to eat, but is sucked into a pot and presumably devoured alive by the remnants of the Mystery Meat Monster.

Due to the loose continuity of the show, he is seen in the background on later occasions. He notably appears among the inmates craving falafel in Superjail! Grand Prix.

His next significant role (of a sort) is in Nightshift, when the Warden uses him as a test subject for the electric chair. He attempts to get a taste of food throughout the battle with the giant vegetables, but fails.



Main article: Alice

As mentioned before, he was shown to be tormented by her with the promise of having food if he danced for her. He was later shown to be one of the inmates she passes on the idea of dating, as she's made up her mind to bring Sweet Cheeks to the Superbar.

The WardenEdit

Main article: The Warden

The only time they remotely interacted was when the Warden chose him to be the test subject for the electric chair and invited him to a banquet in honor of the execution. However, Skinny was enticed by the promise of food.

Quotes by CreatorsEdit


  • While cannibalism is mentioned to be forbidden by the Standards and Practices department, it appears that the production team managed to slip by the reference of Skinny eating a cellmate as an easter egg. This is likely due to the cannibalism being more implied, and the cellmate's body barely being visible, as well as Skinny shown to not be actively eating the corpse and just staring at the viewers.

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