Stingray army

The Stingray army is a large group of bent on world domination and chaos. It is lead by Lord Stingray.

Though they have been decimated once, it is shown that the army can be reorganized if the opportunity arises, such as henchmen being shown to operate as guards at the short-lived "Ultrajail".

Army StaffEdit

Lord StingrayEdit

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Mistress KildaEdit

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The army of Stingray henchmen is shown to be vast, and all wear the same nondescript gold and black uniforms.

While they are trained with firearms, they were no match for the inmates and Jailbot and were quickly laid waste to by the combined forces.

In spite of this, a few henchmen appeared in Stingstress, being used to guard over the inmates and staff members that Lord Stingray and the Mistress had imprisoned. After the demise of Ultrajail, it is likely that these henchmen were killed or imprisoned as well.


Outside of his own army, Lord Stingray has been shown to operate with a small gang of inmates.

Although the group can vary, these characters most noticeably interacted with him: