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About Superjail!Edit

Superjail! is a television show that premiered on [adult swim] on September 28, 2008, although the pilot episode Bunny Love had aired the previous year on May 13th (as part of the "Night of 1,000 Pilots" event).  It was created by Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick. 

The world of Superjail! takes place in Dimension 5612, inside the aforementioned prison (located inside a volcano within another volcano). Known for its psychedelic-inspired animation and gore, this show is currently renewed for its fourth season, to be aired in 2014. The first three seasons contain ten episodes each, while the fourth season is a shorter run of six episodes.

It was animated by Augenblick Studios for season 1 (2008), but by Titmouse Inc. for all seasons afterward.

The Superjail Gazette

6/17/2015: We now have an awesome new tumblr ! Check out Superjail News Network !

5/25/2014: A new episode title has been revealed, including an air date for the season 4 episode premiere. Blogs, chat, and forums have now been activated along with the new achievement system.

Upcoming Episodes

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The Galactoids Are Coming Tonight! Superjail! Adult Swim

The Galactoids Are Coming Tonight! Superjail! Adult Swim