These rules and guidelines are to assist fans in contributing to this wiki, and make things easier for editors. Ideas and suggestions for the wiki may be discussed on the forum or through blog posts.


  • Don't vandalize. Should go without saying.
  • If an article is vandalized or there is info needing to be removed or corrected, you may revert or edit it accordingly.
  • Don't be too harsh on the newer fans, they're here to enjoy the show too.
  • Discussion, debate, and views on the show can be utilized in the comments to articles, blog posts, or forum.
  • Personal information about crew members or wiki editors that constitutes invasiveness is prohibited.  Don't go airing out things that others wouldn't be comfortable with being known publicly.


  • Fanon material is to be relegated to "Fanonjail!". Theories and speculation on certain subjects can be discussed on blog posts, but articles for them are better off left to the fanon wiki.
  • Official images are to be used for character articles.
  • Character and episode articles should be written from the viewer's perspective, but also be mindful of the show and the fact that continuity and "canon" are very subjective.
  • While descriptive episode synopses can sometimes help, it is best to keep them simple.
  • As Augenblick's credits sometimes had mistakes or left actors unstated, the season 1 credit transcripts on the episode pages are welcome to be filled in or corrected. This also goes for any production members left out for the later seasons.
  • Please label your image files accordingly. Where a character name is unknown, a placeholder may be used, but it is best to separate fanon names from what's known (in order to not confuse people).


  • Please try to cite sources where available (ie: for character pages or trivia), such as websites for interviews or from the DVD commentaries.
  • If official material comes from outside of an episode, such as a layout or animation test, please try to also cite the original source as well.
  • Make sure that your external links are up to date or are archived in some way, or do not lead to a site containing viruses.


  • Please refrain from spoiling or leaking developments for yet-to-air episodes, other than what has been shared by the crew or Adult Swim. Placeholder pages for episodes may be welcome until they air.
  • If an image may possibly contain spoilers for an upcoming episode, be sure to mark it accordingly and put a warning.
  • Speculation and theories about upcoming episodes are better left for blog announcements.

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