• IGemelli

    Dusting off this place

    October 25, 2013 by IGemelli

    I've missed a lot! Been busy with life matters and other priorities, but I felt I should stop back to edit. The wiki's gotten a bit static, unfortunately.

    If there are any other fans who would like to contribute or help out, you may feel free to. If you want to remain anonymous and offer corrections and clarification, it's always welcome.

    There's a fanon Superjail! wiki that got created while admins were out, so if you want to add anything fanon-related, it'd best be put there.

    I need to redo the summaries for the episode guides, which others could help with if they wish. They need to be more to the point and less literal/wordy, as they were holdovers from an older failed wiki project that didn't get edited down. Character guides need a lot o…

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