I've missed a lot! Been busy with life matters and other priorities, but I felt I should stop back to edit. The wiki's gotten a bit static, unfortunately.

If there are any other fans who would like to contribute or help out, you may feel free to. If you want to remain anonymous and offer corrections and clarification, it's always welcome.

There's a fanon Superjail! wiki that got created while admins were out, so if you want to add anything fanon-related, it'd best be put there.

I need to redo the summaries for the episode guides, which others could help with if they wish. They need to be more to the point and less literal/wordy, as they were holdovers from an older failed wiki project that didn't get edited down. Character guides need a lot of work, too.

Season 4 is due to air next year, earliest estimate is the spring but that can always change. There are only six episodes for the run, which has caused some alarm. However, this may also be for ease of the production team. Nothing's confirmed right now. Some footage of "Superhell" (season 4 premiere) was previewed at New York Comic-Con recently, but thankfully for those involved with it and those who want some suspense, nobody's really gone out and spoiled it. What little has been revealed comes from Christy Karacas and others involved, such as animators. It looks wild.

Are there any suggestions or things others would like to see at the wiki?